To my students:

I am happy that you are in my class and look forward to getting to know you. As a professor at the College of Charleston, I believe in teaching you not simply a particular skill but in helping you develop as a person in whatever course of study you pursue. My courses are platforms for developing self-expression and for making connections to the world around us.

As a teacher, I expect equal parts hard work and respect for the classroom environment; in return, you will have my respect, patience, and presence. In language classes, I encourage active participation by coaxing students out of a passive approach to learning. Most importantly, I strive to bring out your innate ability to learn language. Along the way, I will offer you a number of creative paths to follow in order to personalize your French and to put it to use on a daily basis. While we will use an up-to-date textbook and online workbook, we will also delve into a range of other media (music, film, blogs, social networking sites) to add depth and pace to the study of French. In literature courses, my goal is to teach you the basics of literary analysis with an eye towards the web of themes and ideas that constitutes great works of art. I challenge students to think "globally" about literature; that is, to situate a text in its proper historical and cultural contexts. At the same time, we will study the nuts and bolts of the text (its language, syntax, rhetorical figures, etc.) and consider their role in shaping the particular world of the novel, short story, play, or poem.

Current Classes (Fall 2012)

French 320, Introduction au monde francophone (syllabus)
French 490, "Aimé Césaire, Artisan de la décolonisation" (syllabus)
French 202 (syllabus)
French 100 and 200 level Conversation Courses

Previous Classes (2007-2012)

French 101 (syllabus)
French 102 (syllabus)
French 201 (syllabus)
French 314: Conversation and Composition (syllabus)
French 490, "Révolution, Indépendance, et Post/Colonialisme aux Antilles Françaises" (syllabus)
French 490, "Haiti: Past and Present" (syllabus)